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Marty Becklenberg

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Legal Services


Chicago, IL

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Tue, Aug 18th, 2009

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MOST PEOPLE -- and most business owners -- RARELY USE ATTORNEYS. Why? Because of high hourly legal fees. If you could change this paradigm -- high hourly fees -- so that it was a SMALL monthly fee instead, you'd be amazed at how big a difference it would make in lowering risk and having a competitive advantage over those who don't have such easy access to legal services. Well, LegalShield DOES exactly that. For a small monthly fee -- $30 to $90 a month -- a business owner no longer has to wonder or fear how much it costs to get expert legal help with advice, contract review, debt collection letters, and other benefits. This is why we call it a PARADIGM SHIFT in the legal industry. The business owner can call their law firm as often as they wish without ever receiving a bill. Businesses of any size can offer LegalShield membership to employees and see improvements in worker productivity, too. And the business owner doesn't have to pay a dime for this benefit; typically, it's offered as a 100% payroll deduction benefit. Finally, LegalShield offers the public what we believe is the finest identity theft protection product in the market, bar none! Contact me to learn the many ways LegalShield can grow and protect your business.