Imagine Generating Qualified Lead after Qualified Lead, Week after Week, Consistently

BBR Chicago can open a world of networking possibilities for you and your company:

  • Increasing Connections
  • Variety of Industry Professionals
  • Targeted Leads
  • Direct Customer Referrals 
  • Lasting Relationships
  • Consistent Results
Stop by to one of our weekly meetings to check us out.

How Does It Work?

Weekly meetings help members learn more about your business and how to better refer target leads in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. There are no leads or referral quotas. No pressure! We understand that building and maintaining relationships leads to more business referrals for everyone. More business referrals means more business.

Space is limited by category, so visit today!

"House Rules"

One Person Per Category
We love guests, but please note that like most leads groups, we give category preference to our loyal members. If someone is already in the same category as you (and you wish to come back again), please work together to find areas where you don’t overlap. If possible, we try to accommodate everyone, but occasionally it doesn’t work out because some categories are very popular. Thank you for your understanding.

$10 Order Minimum
There is no charge to attend or become a member of BBR, but in order to use the event room and free parking at Ann Sather, there is a $10 minimum order amount.

If you would like to become a member, and you don’t overlap with another member’s category, we’d love to see you again. Other than ordering food, there is no cost to become a member. However, we have an attendance requirement of at least 3 weeks per month, for minimum of 6 months.

Business Card Book
Feel free to place your business cards in the “guests” section toward the back. You’ll also find cards of existing members in the front. We value privacy--please do not take cards for the purpose of opting people into your sales process without their permission first (ex, subscribing to newsletters).


Visit BBR!

You are invited to the next meeting. Drop in and say hi.

If you've already visited and would like to become a member, apply for membership here. Note: a password is required.